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Second Intermediate Period: Iunu

Mission introduction

The incessant fighting of the minor kingdoms is passing. Now what is needed is a beacon to show the true path to a rejuvenated Egypt.

Egypt's cities are wounded, but one can be restored to greatness as capital of your realm. The justice of Ma'at has fled Iunu, and it will take a firm hand to guide the future of the city. Your people are desperate for the leadership that only you can provide. Nurture them, restore their homeland, and establish law and order once more.

Look to Ra, Pharaoh, for he will be watching as you restore his radiant glory for all of Egypt to bask in.


  • Maintain a population of nobles, with at least five luxury townhouses
  • Build five large mastabas
  • Build at least five yachts for your nobles
  • Build a cult temple to Ra
  • Maintain at least 180 prestige



World level