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Pharaohs' Diaries (Nekhen)

Played on hard before patch 1.1 by GillB

The Diary of Pharaoh Gill I

Achet 2388

Now I'm approaching the age of 38, I feel it's time to make my mark and build a capital city worthy of a Pharaoh. After much searching, I have found a place on the east bank of the Nile with a cliff overlooking the river and a large amount of fertile flood-plain below. Here, on the cliff top I will build my palace. There are ample resources, should I need them - copper, emerald, gold and turquoise mines are within reach as are areas where I can find granite for steles and basalt for statues. I will call my city Nekhen and build it for the glory of its patron god, Horus. It will have at least 6 luxurious nobles' houses and my prestige will grow until it reaches 60.

I arrive, bringing with me 99 food and 35 bricks, and have my palace built together with houses for 2 noble families and the foundations of a bakery. In the valley, farmers' shacks are built together with 3 brickmakers and a bricklayer.

Peret 2387

People are complaining, my nobles more than most. However, I'm not worried. Even if they leave, more will come as they will see the potential of Nekhen. When more food is flowing, my capital will be the most popular city in Egypt.

Peret 2385

Having just passed my 41st birthday, I look with satisfaction on my small city's progress.

The most important thing, so far as I am concerned, is that I have had a small mastaba built in the valley behind my farms, ready for my journey to the next life. During these years, I have gained the services of 3 educated workers. The first was ready to serve as a priest as soon as a school was built; the second is a graduate of the school. I have yet to assign the third. Now I have some graduates ready to serve, the two priests are sharing their time between the school, an apothecary, 3 shrines dedicated to Osiris, Ra and Isis and the new hospital which is currently under construction.

Also on the cliff there are now 3 servants, 4 common and 6 luxury shops. Down in the valley there are 4 common shops, two more brickworks and two more bricklayers. There is also a bakery so the government workers in the valley don't have to trek up the hill for food as well as their religious and health needs.

I look around, see how happy all the people are, and feel life is good.

Peret 2383

The farmers are producing more food currently needed, so it is time to explore a little beyond our city. We send envoys both to the west and east. We are pleased to discover 2 traders, a city and a mine.

Peret 2382

In the last few years, I have improved my nobles' lives and made room for 3 more to live here. One has upgraded his house to 'nice' and I'm sure the others will follow suit soon. I have built a merchant centre and invited the traders Rudamon Istnofret and Ay Anenmery to bring their wares. An entertainer is now installed to help them throw feasts. They are more servants and a cult temple dedicated to our patron god, Horus, although we are not able to provide it with a statue as yet. A large sphinx is being built to help raise my prestige.

My third educated worker is another priest. All three are working at all occupations including a new shrine to Hathor and a mortuary.

In the valley, I have readied a house for another priest, when my growing prestige allows a fourth educated worker and shrines to Ra and Osiris which he will tend have been prepared. There is a new papyrus mill so that we can eventually make contact with Manghiha.

My palace is growing in stature too and it now has a granary and a wall.

Peret 2381

To my surprise, I have reached my 45th birthday. We are now being visited by the trader Paankhenamun who, in turn, has told us of another merchant who might like to sell to the nobles.

Ah, my nobles. Three have now upgraded to nice townhouse and a sixth has joined us. To help them enjoy their life here a nursery is providing them with saplings and 3 small mastabas have been started for their use.

With our papyrus maker at maximum stock (reserved to stop the priests removing all of it), two more have been built.

Shemu 2380

We reach out further in the world and explore Faiyum. The nobles are so enjoying the wonderful goods they can buy from merchants, that we ask Astarte the Hunter to visit as well.

Achet 2380

My prestige is rising and a priest can now occupy the empty house in the valley. I decide to send an expedition to Sinai where two more traders are discovered.

Peret 2379

The papyrus makers have done well. We are able to open trade with Manghiha and, as a result, a fifth educated worker joins us, a scribe to collect tariffs from all the traders including a new one, Maghara.

Peret 2378

At the age of 48 I am pleased to have seen the growth of Nekhen, which is flourishing. As my birthday present, I order murals to be painted on my palace walls. Five of the nobles are now living in luxurious houses, the sixth still has a nice house. Hapi, Bast and Anubis can now be worshipped in new shrines. Explorers went to the Lebanon and discovered a new city.

In the valley the builders have been busy. A scribe's house is waiting for its new occupant who will assess taxes. There is now a shrine to Thoth ready for him and one to Amun to keep the farmers happy. 2 more small mastabas are underway to please the nobles and two more brickworks are churning out the bricks for all this building work.

Shemu 2377

We open relations with Lachish.

Achet 2377

I fear this will be my last entry. I feel my life waning. Still, 49 is a good age. Nekhet is a capital city to be proud of and I can trust my son to achieve the goals I set myself. My tomb is ready and I look forward to the next world.

The Diary of Pharaoh Gill II

Achet 2377

Following my father's funeral I am elevated to the throne. His objectives were clear and it's up to me to achieve them, should I live that long. My reign did not begin auspiciously as my coronation was followed immediately by a failed flood. However, things can only get better as I build on my father's legacy. I am 21. I don't know how many years I have left.

Shemu 2376

I establish trade with Bull's Crown Mine and bring precious jewels and copper to the city.

Shemu 2374

I send an expedition over the big sea to Cyprus.

Peret 2374

I am now 24. Since my accession to the throne much has happened in Nekhet. My sixth noble still resolutely remains in a nice house, but there is now a shipwright using the imported cedar to build yachts for the nobles. They have a second entertainer and all have a family tomb, with a further small mastaba reserved for my own use. I have been working in the new law court to sort out their disagreements. I have added a garden and statues to the palace and fountains are currently being built.

I decided that my prestige had risen enough to employ an overseer and labourers to mine granite steles to commemorate my father's achievements. Eight bases have been built but, so far, our new stonecarver has only had one stele to work on. The mine is a fair walk from the overseer's valley home and he has to divide his time between mining and overseeing the steles' construction. A fourth priest's house has been built on the cliffs ready for the prestige from the steles to attract a new educated worker.

To keep the people in the valley happy, I have built them an apothecary and hospital to save them the long climb to the cliff-top.

Peret 2373

I have nearly carried out my father's dream. A second stele has allowed me to employ a fourth priest on the cliffs and merchants from Apliki are now selling to my nobles who all live in luxurious houses. My palace has a menagerie and is fully upgraded. Maybe a few farmers are protesting their conditions, but they are at the back of the palace, out of sight, and what's a few unhappy farmers compared to the magnificence of the city?

Achet 2373

I watch the stonecarver finishing his work on the third stele and know that my father's work is done.

I will leave it to my descendants to exploit the mineral riches of the area; maybe they will open trade in limestone to construct pyramids and quarry a statue for the cult temple ... something that I never seemed to have the time nor manpower to do. They may even wish to build an army and raise the siege of Baris. But my work is done.



  1. Maintain a large noble population with at least 6 of their estates enhanced to luxury level.
  2. Maintain 60 prestige.


  • Elapsed time: 16 years
  • Prestige: 61 (impressive)
  • Total population: 474 people
  • City satisfaction: Perfect