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Middle Kingdom: Waset

Mission introduction

The dark days are done. Egypt is united and poised to blossom once more. Now the people cry out for their gods to be venerated properly, at last.

The fertile floodplains and grasslands near Waset are the perfect location to build a new capital for this age of glory. It is a prosperous time, but not without risks. Fortresses guard your trade routes as merchants ply their goods along the Nile. The royal family needs suitable tombs to ensure their happiness in the afterlife.

Pharaoh, it is time to show the world the splendor of Egypt and the glory of your reign.


  • Build a cult center at Karnak
  • Begin the Valley of the Kings by building five large mastabas
  • Maintain a large noble population, with at least 10 luxury townhouses (large estates)


  • Basalt
  • Limestone

World level