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Children of the Nile info

Music and Sound

The quotes below are related to the music and sounds in Children of the Nile. Keith Zizza (a person often quoted in this section) is the Audio Director of Tilted Mill.

Game Music downloads

Various pieces of game music can be downloaded from the official Children of the Nile site. About once every two weeks, a new piece is released, so check there every once in a while.

Character Speech

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ken Parker in reply to a thread about feedback on the city via speaking people:

CotN contains an enormous volume of character speech. Although most of it is contextual, only a fraction is actually informative, so you can safely turn speech off without missing any important feedback. Speech is mainly there to amuse and entertain, because (1) so many players turn game sounds off so quickly, and because (2) we wouldn't want to penalize the hearing impaired, and because (3) putting game feedback in people's mouths quickly starts to sound stilted. Those who do choose to keep voices turned on will be rewarded with enough interactive snippets to entertain you for a good long time, while those of you who would rather listen to your collection of Metallica MP3s won't miss anything.


Voices and accent

Friday, July 30, 2004

Our own EmperorJay asked the following question on the Tilted Mill forums:

Can you tell us anything about the voices? Are they regular English or do they have a certain accent?

Keith Zizza (Audio Director) answered the following:

All I can tell you is, the voices will definitely have a middle eastern flavor, and that there will be a lot of them...


The Music

Monday, May 03, 2004

Keith Zizza (the Audio Director) about the music he writes for the game:

...My goal was to write music all in a similar style and meter - and the hope that about an hour's worth would keep it fresh and interesting. I didn't set out to copy the musical style of any album or movie; in fact, I wanted to make sure the music didn't sound like anyone else's. Everything about our game is unique in some way, and I wanted the music to reflect that as well.


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