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Magic Island

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File Details
Version: Version 1.3 (Enhanced Edition)
Difficulty: Normal
Setting: Middle Kingdom - Small map - Not that easy
City: Per-Neswet - Patron deity: Isis
CotN complete edition w. Alexandria

You are Pharaoh Mentuhotep II, but only Pharaoh by name. Egypt is in chaos, each city ruled by a local Lord. Temples are untended, in disrepair, or have been robbed by marauders.
No man has yet proved strong or powerful enough to take charge of and unify the country, but you aim to do so.
It is too soon for you to build an army. First you must have a solid base, and secure the support of the Gods and the people of Egypt.
For now, you are heading for a peaceful part of the nile, where you will start a new capital and gather allies for the struggle ahead, and of course build the obligatory large pyramid for your journey to the Land of Two Fields.

In the middle of the Nile is an island. A sacred and magical island. It is ruled by an unknown deity. It may be of help.


Sound files, background image, and world map included in the zip file.

Before you play the scenario, read the tips carefully.

Pics and info here

Have fun :)
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maddie93 Why can't I get the deity to talk to me? I am stuck. Clicked every single possible thing on that island and nothing is happening. The last message I got was when I touched a crocodile that was sitting over some gold, and told me I might be able to find gold somewhere else. But where? Please help
File Author
Hi Maddie, I just happened to see your comment now. It is much better if you put questions on the forum (link above in main post), because I get notified when something is posted there. Not so here.

So, when you have gotten a new clue (in this case the crocodile) you need to 'call' the deity. You should know the name by now, so you type name and after you get a positive answer (how may I help?) you can then type 'whatever you need to type', and after that the deity will either tell you that you're wrong (in what you typed) or help you out. You will need to make this 'call' every time first. She will only answer after you have a new clue.

If this place would only work.... in order to talk to deity, you type like you would a cheat code: 'enter' type 'enter'.

[Edited on 05/27/18 @ 12:34 PM]

maddie93 Hi, thanks for the answer. I cannot register on the forum, so thanks for answering me here.

I have tried calling the deity sooooo many times and absolutely nothing happens. I have clicked and reclicked everything. Tried calling the deity for so many times and nothing happened.
Had to give up playing cause it got super boring, with only two world level opened and not much to do. Too bad, it would have been an interesting scenario.
File Author
Hi Maddie,

Just to make sure, I downloaded the file from here, and went though it, and it works perfectly.

Did you get a 'I'm busy' answer previously? If you have the clue from the crocodile, and you type the name (making sure to spell it correctly), you should get the answer 'how may I help?'. After which you type the 'whatever you are looking for'... and that will play a harp sound, and open up a new site for you.

Are you getting sound on the other things you click?

I had this tested by atatnall also before I even uploaded, and it works fine.

If you aren't getting any answers, only thing I can think of is that the file got corrupted during download, and you might want to try to download it again.
caesarsandy On the clue with the boat. It mentions something about trade being essential, but none of my trades are happening. they show on the main map as set up but are never received or sent. the count stays at 0. I lost the gold trade partner because it said no upkeep but I had over 3k food.
Sorry this is so vague but its been several days since I last played this frustrating scenario, otherwise it is wonderful to see new scenarios being done. I couldn't get into the forums. it took heavengames several days to the it fixed, but they did. So now I can ask my question. :^)

caesarsandy Ok, on the earlier comments you suggested redownloading, I redownloaded and reinstalled. same results.
I waited to start the leather and gold trades until I had 8k food. then started the tin trade, as soon as I did I got the 4th clue about the trades being important. I have asked for every item on the goods list and get the same reply " sorry you can't do that right now" and the trades still show 0. I did receive some things in the trade box for the gold mine, about 100 gold and a few foods, and a message about not getting upkeep. And I had over 8k food when I got the message.

[Edited on 09/04/18 @ 02:51 AM]

caesarsandy Ok, I just spent time searching the map. Donkeys from Samut, Gold mine, and Diau are in the river at the bottom of the map, just floating. clicking on them just gets the hands up, deciding what to do.
That's why I have no trades, the donkey's are stuck in the river,
I am playing at 1034x768x32 bit for the screen resolution. Do I need to change it? I am playing with a wide screen monitor.

File Author
caesarsandy, I am very sorry for your troubles. I don't come here often, and you don't get advised from here. I have never heard of donkeys being stuck in the water??? I play on wide screen too, and can't imagine it having anything to do with your problem. I'm sorry but I can't think of what could be wrong here.
If you still want to try, you could download directly from here:
The problem is just so weird that I doubt that will make a difference, but you never know.
caesarsandy Thanks for the reply. I'll try that. I deleted it and reloaded it once and it did it again. I'll try the other site and if that doesn't work I'll change the resolution
caesarsandy I had to move the cargo drop off points to the other side of the river. Then I got deliveries.
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