Second Intermediate Period: Asyut

Mission introduction

The Hyksos may disrupt the peace of the north if they like, but by Anubis, it will be short lived!

Far up the Nile, you have shown great forsight in making your capital at Asyut. Regain the mines and quarries of your kingdom, and bring the wealth to your capital. The Hyksos will not last long without resources from your domain, particularly gold for their nobility. Proclaim your divine right to rule for all to see, and diminish the invader kings in the eyes of their subjects.

Your powerful grip will choke the Nile at its head, and expel the Hyksos from your realm.


  • Open trade with the cities of Akhmim, Mersa Gawasis, Bir Menih, Edfu and Korosko


  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Emeralds
  • Gold
  • Limestone

World level