Bubastis’ Branching Rivers

by Jayhawk

The first thing one notices as one sees the Bubastis map is the lack of a proper river channel. All you see are islands separated by either channels or bits of flood plain. You also notice that part of your city is pre-built (in a peculiar way), with farms here, a few noble mansions there, and a small necropolis elsewhere. After some pondering I decided to leave the pre-built stuff and see if I could work around that.

Bubastis: View from the agricultural zone towards the city proper and the island of the Temple of Bast.

I slowly expanded the population of nobles and farmers, adding shops as and when needed and got my industry up and running. Next I started placing temples and got my education going. Meanwhile, I started collecting food to open up the statue trade for my temples and locating the traders/peddlers needed to get me the goods from the four corners of the earth. Trade with Lachish was started early to make it possible to buy cedar to build barges, as I needed to transport the statues to the various islands in order to dedicate my temples. The yachts built for the nobles were a welcome extra.

Bubastis: Nobles sailing towards the cult temple of Bast.

More expanding was needed, with more nobles being added to plant enough grain to get the needed amounts of bread for opening the necessary trade routes. I slowly expanded my trade routes to gain more trade goods.
Meanwhile a small necropolis sprung up on the western edge of the main island.

Bubastis: View towards the agricultural zone, showing the partially flooded plain between the city proper and the cult temple. Once all required trade routes are opened, the exploration icon will appear South of Abu.

As I was waiting for enough food to flow into my hands, I opened up trade with two sites providing limestone. Pharaoh needed a nice resting place, and the island had space enough for a small pyramid.

Bubastis: View trying to catch all of the built up area. In the far left the small pyramid next to the necropolis can be seen.

Once the pyramid was finished I dispatched the food needed for the expedition down the Nile. Moments later victory was mine.

  • Challenge Level: Normal
  • Elapsed Time: 33 years
  • Prestige: 142 (Magnificent)
  • Total Population: 808
  • City Satisfaction: Perfect

Download the nearly finished city here