Djedu, Preparing a Trip

by Jayhawk

The Djedu site looks very rich in both floodplain and resources. I decide to go for three separate communities, one on each side of the river. This will cause me some trouble in getting things stable, but with high enough prestige I should be able to supply all three sites with their wishes and needs.

I start with the original site the camera pointed to and place my palace and some other buildings there. Once that site is underway, I start a second community on the island.

Judging by the available sites on the world map, prestige looks to be the bottleneck here. I wonder if I will be able to support all three communities.

Trade is started to obtain statues, so I can dedicate my temples. A few mastabas are started to the West of the city. This turns out to be a good thing, as Pharaoh dies and is promptly buried in the first available mastaba.

Djedu: Overview of the newly established city proper.

Food is low, and people start to grumble. As much about missing food as about missing resources. The tri-partite city design is getting back at me, as some services are just too far away.

A few seasons later, the city is thriving. Bread stacks up in piles and soon I can buy enough wood from the Lebanese sites to contact the ship builder, who will help me build the ships necessary for the circumnavigation. Said worthy asks for a hundred score of cedar wood to begin the journey, which will need time, I may even say, lots of time to acquire.

As the coming wait appears to be a long one, Pharaoh will build himself a magnificent tomb: a medium sized pyramid.

Djedu: The third suburb taking shape.

Trade is opened with the limestone quarries and the monument is planned.
Time flows like grains of sand down a dune and as the stock of cedar grows, so does the pyramid.

Djedu: Starting a pyramid complex.

The second Pharaoh dies before the large tomb is finished, but his body is laid to rest in one of the small satellite pyramids. The growth of the wood stores slows down and I decide to expand the pyramid complex.

Seasons pass and I still need more than 50 scores of cedar wood. I check the site again and find out I misread the requirements. The shipwright desires two thousand loaves of bread rather than wood. I launch the expedition and start the last expansion of the royal palace.

The voyage brings us to Cyprus where we can start profitable trade and, it turns out, I can build obelisks to commemorate both the launching of the expedition and the discovery of Cyprus. I promptly open trade with the quarry that will get me grand obelisks. One obelisk rises after another.

“So began the Great Voyage around the coast of Africa. We wish good fortune to our brave explorers as they travel to distant lands.”

“This monument commemorates the arrival of your fleet at Cyprus.”

“We celebrate the arrival of our fleet in West Africa”

Djedu: View of the completed pyramid complex and the various obelisks.

More traders are discovered and at last the fleet arrives in Punt. Here it needs to be reinforced, so the large stock of cedar comes in handy. I plan to raise another obelisk but before it is erected, our intrepid explorers have reached Suez and the game finishes.

I decide to await the completion of the last two obelisks before ending and saving the game, though.

“This monument commemorates our journey to the port of Aden.”

“In this Age of Wonders the gods saw fit to bless our travels around the coast of Africa.”

  • Challenge Level: Normal
  • Elapsed Time: 46 years
  • Prestige: 339 (Divine)
  • Total Population: 1119
  • City Satisfaction: Perfect

Download the nearly finished city here