Old Kingdom: Nubt

Mission introduction

The dawn of Egypt’s history casts a favorable glow on grand ambitions. In this fresh light, your unwavering gaze turns to the opportunity and fame your power can bring to Egypt from the lands outside our borders.

Raiders from Nubia threaten the south. Peace is needed to keep the lands of the Nile stable and prosperous. A great army might defeat this threat, but sometimes it is wiser to look beyond the power of spear and shield. The bounds of diplomacy and commerce can bind as tightly as military chains.

Forge trade connections beyond our borders. Bring gold and other minerals from the south and across the sea. Expand your influence and establish a great treaty with strongest of the foreign city-states.

Peace and prosperity will reign, and all of Egypt will be forever in your debt.


  • Expel the Nubian raiders
  • Establish a treaty with either Sumeria in the northeast or Punt in the southeast


  • Gold
  • Emeralds
  • Tin

World level