Nubt walkthrough

By EJay

When the mission started, I immediately began with increasing the number of farmers, luxury shops and common shops. I completed the set of luxury shops and made sure that there were 2 common shop sets, one near the farmers, the other group near the nobles. I also added a palace. I also started an exploration, however, if you’re not very happy about spending food so early, this can wait.

After the initial phase of stabilization, I started with preparing religion and healthcare. I suggest you place Horus, Isis and Ra near the nobles and Osiris and Hathor (and later Amun) near the farmers. The healthcare buildings should, as much as possible, be spread between the two areas. Space is limited. Your city could now look a bit like this:

By now, I had done a couple of explorations and something I would really suggest is getting some traders early on. Even if you can’t have a scribe to tax them, they do benefit the nobles.

Also, now it would be a good time to concentrate on the military, rather than prestige. If you did as much exploring as I did, you would have found the Nubian Supply Site and Mercenaries by now. I decided that the cost for the Mercenaries was too high and I stuck to just attacking the Supply Site. Then, after completing the Supply Site defeating the Nubian Camp is quite easy. Be warned! If you raise your prestige above 15 (via the palace or via tombs) raiders will start attacking!

I placed my soldiers as you can see below:

It might take a while before you’ve raised a large enough of an army to defeat the enemy (it took me about 5 years) but if you defeat the enemy as early as possible, the second part of the mission will be much, much easier. Once you have defeated the enemy, you have completed your first goal! Also, your soldiers have lost their use, it might be wise to exchange them for labourers. Like this:

From here on, I started building steles like crazy and was left with more than enough prestige. I didn’t build any pyramids myself because I opted for the steles to provide me with prestige, but by now building pyramids might not be a bad investment. You now need to start thinking about completing the last goal.

One requires 50 Turquoise and Emeralds, the other requires 50 gold and 100 papyrus. I chose the Port of Punt, which requires the gems. I did this because I felt that it was more space, cost and time effective to build 2 overseers and use the labourers I already had, than it was to build 5 or 6 new papyrus makers. Either way, if you’ve gotten rid of the raiders, both shouldn’t provide much trouble. I did have some trouble with the prestige, because I had 3 Pharaohs die in just 2 years, so I didn’t have a tomb for the last one. But I’m sure you won’t be so unlucky! The luxurious area of the city looked like this when I was finished:

Final results:

  • Challenge Level: Hard
  • Elapsed Time: 37 years
  • Prestige: 79 (extraordinary)
  • Population: 617
  • Satisfaction: Perfect