Pi-Ramesse walkthrough

By Pecunia — played on hard

After the difficulties with starting a city in Waset and Shedet (in Waset there wasn’t enough food in the first year because I placed too many shops at the start, in Shedet my nobles moved out because I didn’t have any shops in the first half year), I decided to only place two common and two luxury shops right at the start. This proved to be a reasonable mix: after the first harvest, I had enough food to go around, and my nobles were reasonably happy with the amount of wares they could buy.

In the Achet of 1290 BC, five Asian raiders approached my town. I had just started to build up my military: I had one commander, one barracks with 3 city guards, and a guardpost was being constructed. The raiders scared off a lot of people, one raider got killed by a city guard, and the rest robbed my palace. They hurried off with all the jewelry and perfume they could grab: probably their wives at home don’t usually get those luxury items!

The start of my noble district, just before the raiders entered my town

At the end of the second year, there were quite a few complaints about religion, so I hastily built a priest’s apartment and a shrine to Osiris. Luckily, I had 4 graduates available right from the start. One of the 4 nobles got so fed up because he couldn’t worship Osiris and Horus, that he promptly moved out when those unholy raiders attacked again in the second Achet.

The raiders were killed off quickly, but in the evening of the Peret, another group of raiders attacked, and this time they went for a couple of poor farmers. Not a clue why they did that, but it’s time to import some cedar, build chariots and destroy their camp. However, I need quite a bit of food for that, and with only three nobles, that’s not going to be done soon.

In the following years, I tried to build up prestige to get a scribe and another commander. In 1282 BC, the first trained charioteers appeared in my city. It won’t be too long now until I have enough soldiers to successfully attack those annoying Persians.

I attacked the Persians in 1281 BC, and destroyed them. However, my soldiers discovered another camp with raiders: the Persian army. I opened relations with “Frontier Supplies” immediately, as they should prevent the first Persian raiders from reappearing. In one of my more stupid moments, I shut down trade with them immediately, as I was getting short on food. The result was that the Persian frontier raiding camp reappeared barely a year later.

Meanwhile, my people are getting more demanding: I have quite a big worship problem, and not enough priests to counter it. I made a start with a cult temple, but don’t have enough food yet to open up the large basalt quarrying camp to get a large statue.

In the following years, I still didn’t realise that I needed to give the Frontier Supplies their upkeep food to keep the Persian Frontier under control, so I attacked the Persian Frontier whenever I could spare my soldiers. The Persians raided me in return, sometimes with three companies of raiders per year.

I decided to import turquoise from Maghara so I could pay the Persian traitor. Once he gets these lovely blue stones, the Persian Raider camp just disappears: worth the weapons to import the turquoise. It’s a pity that the Persian Army keeps reappearing though.

Once I had conquered the Persian fort Saruhen, Gezer became available: one of the mission goals. The goals say to defeat the Persians at that place, but it’s not a Persian camp, it’s an ally, and the city needs soldiers to be opened. I built a couple more barracks so I could open the site: 20 free leather per year is not bad, since my map was quickly running out of cows to make leather from.

My soldiers march out in the middle of the night to conquer Saruhen, while a gazelle watches them

Byblos was taken after Saruhen, and Qadesh became available: also an ally, which gives me free food! Just what I needed. Because I had opened relations with Gezer and Qadesh, two new monument sites became available on the world map: Persian defeat steles and a statue of Amun. I guess those are the great monuments I have to build according to the mission goals. I made a start with importing steles, and because I need 3 steles, this will take another three years.

I decided to conquer Imshan in the meantime, just because my soldiers were idling away in their barracks. Abu Simbel appeared on the map: I could build a row of statues there. However, the forts at Saruhen and Byblos popped up again because I didn’t open the supply sites close to them. Since they don’t send out raiders, I didn’t send my army to re-conquer them.

Once I got enough materials for the two monuments, I shipped them off and waited for the victory screen. Finally victory … this scenario was quite challenging on hard. I finished with these results:

  • Played on hard
  • Time elapsed: 29 years (Shemu 1262 BC)
  • Prestige: 146 (magnificent)
  • Population: 672
  • Satisfaction: Perfect

You can download the finished city here.

The finished city, with the worship centre on the right, the nobles on the left, and my main army behind the palace.